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About Mō te kaupapa
Our vision: for unified and impactful climate action in Taamaki Makaurau. Mission: our mission is to accelerate ambitious, inclusive, equitable and regenerative climate action. Our goal: our goal is to secure a climate safe and just future for all Aucklanders. In particular, we want to ensure that Auckland upholds our commitment to 1.5 degrees and that we do not cross that threshold, ever.

What we do

  • Drive coordinated action: we bring together large communities and networks to drive coordinated, just and accelerated change.
  • Support diverse and inclusive climate action: we work with partners to help Aucklanders make sense of what is going on, be inspired, be part of reimagining the future and live the change now.
  • Drive bolder and more ambitious change: we challenge the status quo and work with organisations and individuals to make bolder commitments, push new frontiers, enhance citizen engagement and build accountability.

How we do it

  • Host an annual whole-of-society festival: each year we bring the city together for accelerated climate action that leverages synergies that come with collective action – at scale. We invite others to co-curate the programme with us and combine local and global perspectives
  • Connect, cross-pollinate and build: we join up and partner with organisations and individuals to unlock the power of collective action and the cross-pollination of ideas. We connect people to climate action at different levels including individual, community and systems.
  • Foster inclusion: we amplify the voices of those often underrepresented in climate action and identify and partner with others to address barriers to involvement. We hold space for people, no matter where they’re at.
  • Tell stories, celebrate and create experiences: we inspire change and hope through sharing stories of positive action, bold leadership and what we can achieve together. We use language as a portal into understanding and narrative and storytelling to shift behaviours.
  • Track change over time: we evaluate the changing landscape each year.

Who it's for

ACF is a whole-of-society response to climate change. This means ACF is for everyone in Auckland and there are a broad range of stakeholders and sectors that need to be involved. This includes:
  • Those championing climate action. The festival creates a space for those pushing for change.
  • Those who are often underrepresented in climate action but who are most affected by the impacts of climate change.
  • All sectors, and in particular the highest emitting sectors that can generate the biggest change.

Growing a regenerative climate ecosystem

To work towards a safe and just climate future, we invite anyone invested in a regenerative vision for Tāmaki Makaurau to come together as a part of Auckland Climate Festival. Deep collaboration and engagement enables us to scale up change at pace, gain solidarity and harness the synergies that come with collective action. It also encourages us to raise our overall ambition of what is possible, to amplify what is already going on, learn from one another and cross-pollinate ideas that can spark transformative change.
Auckland Climate Festival unites communities, celebrates inspiring mahi and accelerates climate action Ko tā Te Huinga Āhuarangi o Tāmaki Makaurau, ko te whakakotahi i ngā hapori, ko te whakanui i ngā mahi hirahira me te whakahohoro i ngā mahi āhuarangi. Auckland Climate Festival is a month-long festival held in Tāmaki Makaurau, creating space for us all to come together as a city to celebrate, catalyse and accelerate climate action. Running for the third time this year, Aucklanders can engage in climate action through attending a diverse range of events, initiatives and activations taking place all across the region. The Festival programme is co-curated with communities, mana whenua, rangatahi, businesses, advocacy groups and government as a whole-of-society response to the climate emergency. Ka kotahi marama te roa o Te Huinga Ahuarangi e whakatuuria ai ki Taamaki Makaurau i ia tau, kia maatua whakaritea he waa kia whakakotahi ai i te taaone ki te whakanui, ki te whakahohe, ki te whakahohoro hoki i ngaa mahi aahuarangi. Ko te tau tuatoru teenei e waatea ana te hunga o Taamaki Makaurau ki te ruku ki ngaa mahi aahuarangi maa te taenga atu ki ngaa huihuinga maha, ki ngaa kaupapa, ki ngaa mahi whakaoho kaupapa hoki puta noa i Taamaki. He mea aata whakarite te hootaka o te huinga nei e ngaa hapori, e ngaa mana whenua, e ngaa rangatahi, e ngaa pakihi, e ngaa roopu haapai me te kaawanatanga kia kotahi ai te whakaaro kia tau haere ai ngaa raru ohotata aa-aahuarangi.
A time to come together each year
An annual festival gives us as a city to take stock of where we are, reflect on what needs to be done, and tangibly get to work. Coming together for a concentrated period means we can ensure we are all moving in the same direction, learning from one another, and ultimately accelerating the change we need to see quicker than if we go it alone. It gives us an opportunity to take stock and celebrate the incredible mahi already going on and catalyse new opportunities for change together.
Driving change at the city scale
Cities are both the main culprits of climate change and also places that can drive the greatest change, being home to the largest concentration of organisations and individuals pioneering in climate action. A festival provides an opportunity to harness this collective energy, innovation and diversity and gain solidarity around the climate emergency. It also is an effective way to drive local and international collaboration, building on Auckland’s profile as a C40 city.
Looking beyond Auckland
Auckland is a global city where its citizens are connected through heritage and experience with many different cultures and other geographies, with strong ties particularly to the Asia Pacific. Auckland Climate Festival aspires to combine local and global perspectives to deliver impact and outcomes that are felt beyond Auckland. See our kaupapa for more information.
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